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Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity

4 Aug

While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video geared toward college and high school students to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.

In this innovative and wide-ranging analysis, Jackson Katz argues that widespread violence in American society, including the tragic school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and elsewhere, needs to be understood as part of an ongoing crisis in masculinity.


The Feminist Porn Book | The Feminist Press

18 Feb
Feminist Suffrage Parade in New York City, May...

Feminist Suffrage Parade in New York City, May 6, 1912. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Can porn co-exist with the principles of feminism?

The Feminist Press is an independent nonprofit literary publisher that promotes freedom of expression and social justice.

The Feminist Porn Book | The Feminist Press.

Watch this video of Inmates Rising – From ” Feministing.com”

15 Feb
San Francisco sky

San Francisco sky (Photo credit: davidyuweb)


The testimonies from these inmates in San Francisco as part of the One Billion Rising movement are kinda moving.


I was skeptical about One Billion too, yet, I also understand that art and activism helps to sustain morale and engagement in social movements. This also reminds me a story in the late Derrick Bell’s Gospel Choirs where he and his fictional alter ego, Geneva Crenshaw, imagine a similar act of art in expression of activism and social change, where hundreds of women flooded a Harlem street and did the electric slide in unison for civil rights.


Art is change.


h/t Eesha




Watch this video of Inmates Rising..



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