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The Harmfulness of Pornography

1 Feb
English: World map showing laws of general por...

World map showing laws of general pornography

The Harmfulness of Pornography 

Sexually arousing material doesn’t have to be so harmful to women and society in general as it is today.


Fashion is compatible with feminism!!

31 Jan

Check the video of this young girl.
She talks about many other things, but a catchy header sells more..


                                                                Tavi Gevinson  I just found out about this girl like, 5 minutes ago and I’m just so impressed with everything she does and stands for. First of all I have to mention that she’s 16. She was born in 1996. Remember those numbers when you read about everything she’s accomplished in the teensy amount of time she’s been on the planet.

Gevinson is a writer, editor, actress and singer but she is most well known for her blog Style Rookie, which she started when she was 12. Yep, 12.  Style Rookie started out as a fashion blog but shifted focus to include discussion of pop culture, feminism, and advice for teens. In 2011 and 2012 she appeared on…

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29 Jan

Dear members of the group,

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In order to become a contributing author of this blog, so that you can publish and edit your own posts, you need to be a member of the society. If you wish to become a contributing author, please email us on Feminist.soc@su.westminster.ac.uk Your email address will then be added to the authors’ list.
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Feminists of Westminster Unite team

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