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” A Critical Theory of Sex” lecture by Stella Sandford (CRMEP)

12 Mar

Deutsch: Logo University of the Arts London


“A Critical Theory
of Sex”  on 21 March 2013 by Stella Sandford (CRMEP).


This lecture is part of the series ” Ten public lectures on philosophy, politics and the arts” , organised by ” Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy and The London Graduate School in collaboration with Art and Philosophy at Central Saint Martins”


All the information about the lecture is provided in the link bellow.



The sex/gender distinction has been fundamental to Anglophone feminist theory since the 1970s, in various different ways. Many feminists, seeing a direct political advantage in a vocabulary that allowed them to distinguish between what they saw as the biological reality of sex and normative masculinity and femininity, embraced ‘gender’ as a category of analysis. What is the relation of the sex/gender distinction and its theoretical vicissitudes to the social reality of everyday gendered lives? Has the sex/gender distinction ever made waves outside of feminist theory? In this lecture I will argue that the tendency of the popular cultural uses of the words ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ gives a false impression. The popular concept of sex is not the biological concept but its ideological deployment and as such the social reality of the idea of ‘sex’ is more important than its biological reality. Feminist theory requires a theoretically satisfying account of sex that is adequate to this social reality in order to oppose it. This is the role of a critical theory of sex.




The lectures are free: arrive in good time to ensure a seat.


Thursdays, 18.00–20.00
Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London
Lecture Theatre E002
Granary Building
1 Granary Square
London N1C 4AA (Kings Cross tube




Ten public lectures on philosophy, politics and the arts



London police accused of mocking a sick trans woman in ‘brutal arrest’ | Gay Star News

22 Feb
A portal icon for Portal:Transgender, based on...

A portal icon for Portal:Transgender, based on File:Portal LGBT.svg. Gradient from pink (feminine) to blue (masculine) (and shades in-between) to represent the spectrum of gender identity. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Extracted from Gay Start News article by Dan Littauer

London police accused of mocking a sick trans woman in ‘brutal arrest’

Eyewitnesses claim London police officers threw a transgender woman to the ground, handcuffed her and caused deliberate pain while saying she is ‘not normal’
‘Three huge officers violently pushed the trans in question against a window, immediately hand cuffing her with extreme force.

‘The victim then had her wig ripped from her head, her handbag and purse literally emptied out on the road, so her personal belongings were damaged and scattered around her.

‘Meanwhile police officers mocked her for her dress and having feminine items items in her handbag shouting at her: “You’re not normal! We’ll let you get you up in a few minutes but you need to act like a normal human being.”

London police accused of mocking a sick trans woman in ‘brutal arrest’ | Gay Star News.

Hip Hop Hijabis: hip hop, Islam and women’s rights

20 Feb
The Guardian shout out to The F Word blog

The Guardian shout out to The F Word blog (Photo credit: /Sizemore/)

This article is extracted from the F-word blog.

Hip Hop Hijabis: documentary on hip hop, Islam and women’s rights – Blog – The F-Word.

The theme is quite controversial, or  it will be for some.

However this blog is not for conformist…



14 Feb

Eve Ensler: Vagina Monologe // ARGEkultur Salz...

Be aware that the following TED talk might harm your sensibility


Today wear red & black for solidarity.

Stop what you are doing at 14.14 hours and walk away to the street.

Be conscious of your participation in a World wide event.


READ Eve Ensler’s Newest Monologue “Rising” | One Billion Rising.

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