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GoldieBlox. Education is the key

24 Nov
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A toy company named GoldieBlox recently released a video to advertise its toys, and the video has since gone viral with five million views and counting. GoldieBlox believes in promoting femininity amongst young girls by giving these girls more choices than dolls and princesses. Tabetha Wallace and Lissette Padilla discuss changing the culture in what activities are appropriate for girls vs. boys, in this clip from the Lip News.



12 Oct

There are some good magazines out there…  online though.

I bringing close to you two here. Some of you might be aware of them already.

On the one hand:


 “Where have all the interesting women gone? And what has happened to all the interesting magazines? Feminist Times is a PR, advertising and celebrity free magazine aimed at interesting women. Our 3D feminism will result in our members meeting regularly and together we will campaign. Who knows where it will take us? LIFE NOT LIFESTYLE”


And on the other hand :


“A literary cocktail of the polemic, the factual and the comical, it was rumoured that Femusings sprung out of a top-secret government initiative, funded by the G20. The project was, in reality, spawned as the love-child of two university chums and launched at the end of July, 2013.

We’re seeking politically-minded sexpots for intellectual tickling and cerebral stimulation. Must have G.S.O.H, strong stomach, and an insatiable curiosity. In return, we’ll give you steamy nights of intellectual passion, hearty meals of gender-equality sustenance and some pork scratchings on the side.



I hope you enjoy them!

French law against beauty pageants for the under 16

19 Sep

those whom do not speak french, can read a similar article in the Independent

In in a measure approved by the upper house of the French parliament today, organisers of beauty pageants for children younger than 16 could face up to two years in jail or a fine of €30,000. The penalties would also apply the parents of the children.

The ban still has to be approved by the National Assembly, the lower house, but has considerable cross-party support.

Chantal Jouanno, a former centre-right environment minister who proposed the ban, said: “Children are increasingly being presented with hyper-sexualised images of themselves or transformed into miniature adults whose appearance signals sexual availability.”

“We mustn’t tell our daughters, even when they are tiny, that all that matters is the way they look.”

”  here:

France moves to ban ‘hyper-sexualised’ beauty pageants for children younger than 16 – Europe – World – The Independent

Feminist Philosophers

As part of a project on gender equality legislation, the French Senate voted for a law prohibiting beauty pageants for the under 16. The prohibition affects events featuring exclusively girls and carries sanctions of up to two years in prison and 30 000 euros. The stated motivation is that young women should not grow up believing that they only derive their value from their appearance. Here, in French.

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Women and Sports

31 Aug
Gender Equality - Gender Balance

Gender Equality – Gender Balance (Photo credit: andreabauer)

Despite the fantastic achievements of our sportswomen, women’s sport remains an afterthought.

The lack of coverage has more impact than unbalanced column inches. It impacts on women’s participation and has wider implications for women’s equality.

Alongside health benefits, participation in sport helps develop life skills, with sporting activity during youth being linked to confidence and career success later in life.”

Read the full article at:

Fighting for gender equality in sport | Progress | News and debate from the progressive community

Campaign aiming for gender equality on political representation

13 Mar

Userpage icon for supporting gender equality.

Women make up over 50% of the population and we have a right to an equal say in our governments. The Counting Women In campaign is aiming for 50/50 gender representation at all levels of national, local and devolved government.

Counting Women In | The campaign for equal representation of women in politics and public life

The Counting Women In campaign is a new coalition set up by five leading campaigning organisations in democracy and women’s rights.


The call for change is growing and not-for-profit organisations and community groups are joining with us to demand an equal voice for women in politics.

Counting Women In | The campaign for equal representation of women in politics and public life

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