Why I want to work with young women and give them a voice

22 Sep

If you are in the North this could be a great opportunity for your acting skills..

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I want to make a brilliant play about young women living in the North East and North West.  I’m from Liverpool and I’ve lived in the North East for 20 years.  When I was 18, I attended a drama scheme in Liverpool and it changed my life.  I got a job, I started to question the world I lived in and I became passionate about the role that drama and theatre can make in people’s lives, especially young people.

This project is especially important to me, as I have a connection with both regions.  I have successfully worked with women and young women in the North East for the past 15 years.  The success, I believe, comes from the fact that there is a commonality between Liverpool (the North West) and the North East.  Both regions have a strong history of heavy industry and resilience. We also have a reputation…

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Britain’s most inspirational young women

22 Sep

Hurrah, a story about women who are young, clever, fully clothed, and not victims of crime. Sarah Morrison profiles seven rising stars, by Sarah Morrison.

All aged 35 or under, they are among those shortlisted for this year’s Women of the Future Awards – the largest national search for exceptionally talented women. The hunt unearths the next generation of high-flying women across nine industries, including technology, media, business, arts and science.


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– The future’s female: The race to be crowned Britain’s most inspirational young women – News – People – The Independent


French law against beauty pageants for the under 16

19 Sep

those whom do not speak french, can read a similar article in the Independent

In in a measure approved by the upper house of the French parliament today, organisers of beauty pageants for children younger than 16 could face up to two years in jail or a fine of €30,000. The penalties would also apply the parents of the children.

The ban still has to be approved by the National Assembly, the lower house, but has considerable cross-party support.

Chantal Jouanno, a former centre-right environment minister who proposed the ban, said: “Children are increasingly being presented with hyper-sexualised images of themselves or transformed into miniature adults whose appearance signals sexual availability.”

“We mustn’t tell our daughters, even when they are tiny, that all that matters is the way they look.”

”  here:

France moves to ban ‘hyper-sexualised’ beauty pageants for children younger than 16 – Europe – World – The Independent

Feminist Philosophers

As part of a project on gender equality legislation, the French Senate voted for a law prohibiting beauty pageants for the under 16. The prohibition affects events featuring exclusively girls and carries sanctions of up to two years in prison and 30 000 euros. The stated motivation is that young women should not grow up believing that they only derive their value from their appearance. Here, in French.

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Women in Sports

31 Aug

Don’t forget to check the Storify!!


Women have ben fighting for equality in sports since the beginning of time. Thanks to milestones like Title IX, the success of women’s sports has dramatically increased in the past few decades. While we are taking big steps towards equality we aren’t fully there yet. While this is a highly debated topic in the sporting world, women’s sports need more support and coverage to be successful. Anything that boys can do, girls can do too!!

Please take a look at the Storify I created to cover women’s sports and athletics. 

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Women and Sports

31 Aug
Gender Equality - Gender Balance

Gender Equality – Gender Balance (Photo credit: andreabauer)

Despite the fantastic achievements of our sportswomen, women’s sport remains an afterthought.

The lack of coverage has more impact than unbalanced column inches. It impacts on women’s participation and has wider implications for women’s equality.

Alongside health benefits, participation in sport helps develop life skills, with sporting activity during youth being linked to confidence and career success later in life.”

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Fighting for gender equality in sport | Progress | News and debate from the progressive community
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