Male Feminists

11 Oct


Tracy Castaneda

                In the article “Feminism Needs Men, Too”, author Lauren Rankin, Feminist activist and writer, speaks about the true meaning of Feminism  refereeing to it as “a movement that is meant to eradicate gendered oppression,  and that challenges  constructed gender norms including male dominance and privilege “ her main goal is to encourage men to join the movement emphasizing that it is in fact essential to have male involvement; for Feminism does not only concern women but, men as well. Throughout time society has continued to misconstrue what a Feminist really is? Many assume that to be a Feminist means that you are a power hungry woman, who hates men and who does not shave and other highly unlikely presumptions. When in all actuality to be a Feminist means that you are looking to even out the playing field for both men and women primarily seeking…

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