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Women in Sports

31 Aug

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Women have ben fighting for equality in sports since the beginning of time. Thanks to milestones like Title IX, the success of women’s sports has dramatically increased in the past few decades. While we are taking big steps towards equality we aren’t fully there yet. While this is a highly debated topic in the sporting world, women’s sports need more support and coverage to be successful. Anything that boys can do, girls can do too!!

Please take a look at the Storify I created to cover women’s sports and athletics. 

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Women and Sports

31 Aug
Gender Equality - Gender Balance

Gender Equality – Gender Balance (Photo credit: andreabauer)

Despite the fantastic achievements of our sportswomen, women’s sport remains an afterthought.

The lack of coverage has more impact than unbalanced column inches. It impacts on women’s participation and has wider implications for women’s equality.

Alongside health benefits, participation in sport helps develop life skills, with sporting activity during youth being linked to confidence and career success later in life.”

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Fighting for gender equality in sport | Progress | News and debate from the progressive community

Sexy Lie

20 Aug

A leading advocate for spotlighting how the mainstream media contributes to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence in America, Caroline Heldman offers straight talk and an often-startling look at the objectification of women in our society. She illustrates how it has escalated, how we have become inured to its damaging effects and what we can do individually and collectively to demolish the paradigms that keep us from a better world.

Chair of the politics department of Occidential College in Los Angeles, Dr. Heldman appeared in the acclaimed documentary, Miss Representation and is co-editor of “Madame President: Are We Ready for a Woman in the White House?” She is a frequent commentator on radio and television and a regular contributor to Ms. Magazine.

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Black women, feminism and the view from the outside: #solidarityisforwhitewomen

18 Aug

Davena's Deliberations

The following post is one that I wrote for the Women’s Room UK blog:

Votes for Women UK Suffrage Movement

When #solidarityisforwhitewomen first appeared in my timeline I was really curious about what it was. As a Black women, I was worried that it was an attempt to exclude me from the feminist movement. Of course the opposite is true and the hashtag highlights the exclusion Black women currently face within the feminist “movement”.

It reminded me of a trade union course I attended a few years ago. The course was aimed at women activists. When I arrived early I found a seat and started reading the coursework. As the room began to fill up, delegates were free to choose where they sat. There was an ebb and flow of women as delegates arrived and selected their seat before getting coffee or going for a comfort beak. Noise levels started to build as the room…

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Feminisms Biggest Challenge: What the Heck Is Feminism?

18 Aug

Feminisms Biggest Challenge: What the Heck Is Feminism?.

Extracted from Policymic, by Natalie Smith


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Race isn’t the only tension in feminism today. There’s class, there’s sexuality, there’s radical feminism and liberal feminism, second wavers, third wavers, American feminists, Middle Eastern feminists, Christian feminists, Jewish feminists, Muslim feminists — the list goes on forever.

That’s the problem when it comes to referencing “the” feminist movement. There is no one monolithic feminist movement because it’s impossible to build a social or political movement that adequately addresses the concerns of any group as diverse as women. We can construct academic definitions of what it means to be a feminist, we can deconstruct the movement’s impact on American history, on global history, but the fact of the matter is that when it comes to our day-to-day interactions with one another, we have no working definition for what being “feminist” even looks like.


“Feminism isn’t a rulebook, but a discussion.” In order for feminism to be an inclusive, robust, vibrant, healthy movement, we need to let it be different things to different people: to let women of all backgrounds decide what their issues, priorities, and beliefs are and as other feminists, acknowledge a duty to support and promote those voices.


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Feminisms Biggest Challenge: What the Heck Is Feminism?.

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