What is feminism all about?

20 Jun

Reading an article I encountered with the paragraph “… “feminism” is still stereotyped as an aggressive movement, full of madwomen dedicated to the destruction of the male sex and who will not rest until they can breakfast on roasted testicles. ”

So then, what about vegetarians? or vegan people? Are they not entitled to be feminist too?

That was just a very bad joke, I know, but it was catchy and easy. Anyway, this blog is not about comedy…

Please read the full article written by Laurie Penny,

Feminism is the one F-word that makes eyes widen in polite company

”  I’m a feminist because, in Britain, gender equality is receding faster than a bigot backing out of a single mothers’ meeting. The Sex and Power report by Counting Women in (‎www.countingwomenin.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Sex-and-Power-2013-FINALv2.-pdf.pdf),  showed that women’s representation at the top levels of politics, the media, business and the arts has dropped significantly over the past few years. The report concludes that a child born this year will be drawing her pension by the time she first sees equal representation for women in government, if she sees it at all.


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