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NSPCC launches helpline to protect girls from female genital mutilation

24 Jun
NO FGM Symbol - Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

NO FGM Symbol – Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (Photo credit:

Extracted from the Guardian
” Research reveals more than 70 women and girls seek treatment every month after undergoing illegal procedure, likely to be a fraction of the true figure.

After research found that more than 1,700 victims were referred to specialist clinics in the past two years, likely to be a fraction of the true figure for women affected.

In one of the most significant developments in efforts to combat FGM in recent years, the helpline will provide a means to tackle this form of “complex and secretive abuse”, said Lisa Harker, the NSPCC’s head of strategy.

FGM – a dangerous procedure that involves the partial or total removal of the external female genital organs – is common in some African, Asian and Middle Eastern communities in the UK.

Carried out in secret and often without anaesthetic, FGM has been illegal since 1985 but there has never been a prosecution over it in the UK.

Contact the 24-hour helpline at 0800 028 3550 or at

Full article:

NSPCC launches helpline to protect girls from female genital mutilation | Society | The Guardian


How to apply make up, the feminism way

22 Jun


from the video description in You tube “in case you didn’t catch on, this video is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek parody on some of society’s crazy stereotypes of feminists. it’s honestly not supposed to be serious or be taken seriously?????

this video is not intended to offend anyone; if you want to take anything from it (which you don’t have to), it’s meant to play on some common misconceptions about feminism. there is a difference between feminism and misandry, and this video is a satire based on the fact that these two things get mixed up all too often.

please though this video is ***not serious***: i’m NOT trying to get people to run into the streets and start ripping other people’s throats out or performing blood sacrifices or anything like that, nor am i trying to undermine the feminist movement or tell other feminists what to do/how to live their lives/etc. i’m just having fun poking at some misconceptions and tropes.

whether the delivery of the overall punchline is a success or not, this video is satire above all else, and such things are not supposed to be taken in earnest.

again, if you’re reacting to it seriously, just sit down, take a breath, drink a glass of water, and skip to 2:42 because there’s a cat and jolly music to settle your nerves.

////////////ACTUAL DESCRIPTION////////////

feeling like a hot mess and in need of a reason to spruce up? what better reason do you need than establishing defending equal opportunities for women am i right!!!!!

physical beauty is no way a judge of your self worth, chum! know that you do not have to follow this tutorial, nor any other makeup tutorial, in order to feel good about yourself, you hot smack of dough! you can put on all the makeup you want, or none, or you can paint your face to look like a tiger or hillary rodham clinton: just do whatever makes you happy and comfortable, and know that no matter what, you’re like pizza: perfect in every way and wholly desirable to me because i haven’t eaten lunch yet and am currently very hungry (◠‿◠✿)

wow seriously i will never doubt beauty gurus again this stink is hard ????? how are you supposed to look physically attractive in close up hd videos i don’t understand i look like a cave troll putting on war paint

actually that doesn’t sound so bad i’m going to open a sephora in the mines of moria”

What happened when I started a feminist society at school

21 Jun

Woman-power symbol (clenched fist in Venus sig...


This is the sad history of an school girl who bravely stand out for what is right:


” We wanted to challenge sexist behaviour – but we unleashed a flood of abuse from our male peers.


I decided to set up a feminist society at my school. However, this was more difficult than I imagined as my all-girls school was hesitant to allow the society. After a year-long struggle, the feminist society was finally ratified.


What I hadn’t anticipated on setting up the feminist society was a massive backlash from the boys in my wider peer circle. They took to Twitter and started a campaign of abuse against me. I was called a “feminist bitch”, accused of “feeding [girls] bullshit”, and in a particularly racist comment was told “all this feminism bull won’t stop uncle Sanjit from marrying you when you leave school”.


Our feminist society was derided with retorts such as, “FemSoc, is that for real? #DPMO” [don’t piss me off] and every attempt we made to start a serious debate was met with responses such as “feminism and rape are both ridiculously tiring”.


The more girls started to voice their opinions about gender issues, the more vitriolic the boys’ abuse became.”


You can read the full article here:




What happened when I started a feminist society at school | Education |


And if you have a facebook profile, show your support and tick “like it” if you had not yet..


Altringham Girls Grammar School | Facebook




What is feminism all about?

20 Jun

Reading an article I encountered with the paragraph “… “feminism” is still stereotyped as an aggressive movement, full of madwomen dedicated to the destruction of the male sex and who will not rest until they can breakfast on roasted testicles. ”

So then, what about vegetarians? or vegan people? Are they not entitled to be feminist too?

That was just a very bad joke, I know, but it was catchy and easy. Anyway, this blog is not about comedy…

Please read the full article written by Laurie Penny,

Feminism is the one F-word that makes eyes widen in polite company

”  I’m a feminist because, in Britain, gender equality is receding faster than a bigot backing out of a single mothers’ meeting. The Sex and Power report by Counting Women in (‎,  showed that women’s representation at the top levels of politics, the media, business and the arts has dropped significantly over the past few years. The report concludes that a child born this year will be drawing her pension by the time she first sees equal representation for women in government, if she sees it at all.

If that doesn’t suit you Get out!

16 Jun

This week, as response for another yet scandal of misogyny in the Australian army an unexpected video was made public, denouncing this kind of behaviour as completely unacceptable, by the General David Morrison.

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.


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