28 Mar

The Power Of The Media

In the previous two posts, I have discussed about how the media caused sexism and stereotype women. However, the media also have the power to ‘fight’ back against sexism of women.

MissRepresentation.org is a campaign and organization that aims to change the world view on the disparaging portrayals of women and girls through education so as to ensure gender equality. Furthermore, the award-winning documentary film above has shown how the media contributes in the stereotypes of women, affecting the empowerment of women in America.

Culture jamming is also another way in which the public is able to voice out their unhappiness about the stereotypic views of women. The term culture jamming will be explained and discuss further in the final reflection post. Images 4.1 and 4.2 are examples of culture jamming about sexism of women.

In conclusion, the media is no longer a one way medium today. Audiences are able…

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