Do you have a tattoo? Please, spread the message

9 Mar

“We are looking for women with tattoos from South East Asia or the Middle East. We’d love to hear from you for our ongoing work.

Our project Women with Tattoos celebrates the creativity behind tattoos, while subtly raising questions about gender and identity. We want to show women of all looks, who are tattooing themselves in diverse, powerful and creative ways.

“We get tattoos to express creativity, to evoke a memory, to pay tribute to the deceased, or to change what we feel nature has imposed on us – to take back control.

As with other aspects of human appearance, tattoos come with a social context and a personal story. For women – who have had a different and shorter relationship with inked skin – tattoos can and are used to challenge the limitations of ideals such as beauty, femininity and gender norms.

Our project seeks to capture the personal and the individual, embracing each woman and her tattoos as one, rather than isolating or magnifying the inked parts of her body. At the same time, by using
natural environments and the context of urban Western culture, we intentionally move away from the sexualised glamour model aesthetic that dominates tattoo magazines and popular culture.

The women who shared their stories with us acquired their tattoos through different paths – from setting sea with the merchant navy in the 1950s to overcoming drug abuse, from emerging from the ruins of a long-term relationship to showing the world that there is more depth and edge to a woman than her looks may reveal.

You will receive a beautiful print of our final portrait as a thank you for your participation.

The project is a collaboration between photographers Christina Theisen and Eleni Stefanou. We both live and work in London.

Find more information on our website:

Get in touch for a hello and a chat if you are interested: and or 07877826983″





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  1. freepussyriot March 10, 2013 at 1:40 am #

    Reblogged this on Sarah Walsh and commented:
    Women with tattoos… the cringe of old women with tattoos? It looks rad. I’m all for it.

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