Marissa Mayer imposed Yahoo! work-from-home ban after spying on employee log-ins

5 Mar

telecommuting (Photo credit: jessamyn)

Here is an article about the CEO of Yahoo.

Yahoo has banned telecommuting at the company which effectively affects many mothers who signed the contract thinking it was flexible- and an advantage to having children (Telecommuting means working from home). Inevitably this change has affected more women than men.

Is that fair?

Should motherhood/single motherhood even be a consideration at a firm or company- should it not be all about the work qualification rather than their private life’s being a mother?

Nevertheless, many women have stood up and taken concern with this question as a particular issue towards women because they are more domesticated than men.

Do you think that is right?

Is it a concern worth noticing within work environments- basically, the subject matter here is whether women should be acknowledged as such, I.e women, or on the same basis as men.

‘I wouldn’t consider myself a feminist’ says Marissa Mayer as it’s revealed she imposed Yahoo work-from-home ban after spying on employee log-ins 

Mayer’s decision sparked an outcry from working mothers and other companies in Silicon Valley who blasted the hypocrisy of her banning the action but allowing herself an in-office space for her child. […] she came under a firestorm following the revelation that the new mom had a nursery built for her new son just prior to announcing the rule.


Thanks Malin for your invaluable collaboration


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