Chocolates without guilt … yummy!!

23 Feb


Extracted from: Gay Start News article by Jack Flanagan.

A trans UK student has started a campaign aiming to combat anti-LGBT bullying and depression with chocolate.

The aim is to raise awareness of bullying, both transgender and LGBT, by making these diverse chocolates.

Workman is setting up her own chocolate company, but with all profits going to anti-bullying charities.

Lily’s Chocolate Anti-Bullying Campaign! | Indiegogo

73% of trans people surveyed experienced some form of harassment in public (ranging from comments and verbal abuse to physical violence)

21% stated that they avoided going out because of fear of harassment

46% stated that they had experienced harassment in their neighbourhoods

64% of young trans men and 44% of young trans women experienced harassment or bullying at school, not just from their fellow pupils but also from school staff including teachers

28% stated that they had moved to a different neighbourhood because of their transition.

Help support our anti-bullying campaign, and let us try and make a difference! Get some of our wonderful chocolate here: (including our trans chocolate, or rainbow chocolate)

Lily’s Chocolate Anti-Bullying Campaign! | Indiegogo


I already ordered mine and I can’t wait to have them delivered!!!

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