We attended… “FANS OF FEMINISM”

20 Feb

Dear followers,IMG_4497

Last Monday we attended the exhibition “Fans of Feminism”. Apart from the actual exhibition we were particularly lucky to watch two live performances on the night. Art is open for discussion, it is what we make of it, and this night was no exception.


Feminism does not only fight through politics and discussion, sometimes it does so by shocking slogans, reinvention of histories or even with the help of seemingly trivial objects shown from a new perspective. Whichever form it takes, feminism continues to be a relevant subject in today’s life. Some will say that it is a way of life, for others it is a way of


The fact is – we were amazed and intrigued by the exhibition. We could not decide which one we liked the most, some liked Spear Rib journal covers collage, others tangerine-headed photographs; my personal favourite was the feminist jukebox – but that is what it’s all about, isn’t it? Not just the idea that artists want to express, but the impression this art creates – those powerful emotions are the lasting imprint of art.


We, Feminists of Westminster Unite Society, highly recommend this exhibition. If you have not yet attended, do so – it’s worth it! This is a perfect opportunity to challenge your interpretative skills.

Furthermore, an informal interview with the organisers revealed that, among other things that we promised not to mention, on Saturday 23rd of February there is an open discussion with some of the artists that took part in the exhibition. This will be the last chance to see the
exhibition, so don’t miss it! Invitation is not required, so feel free to go, explore and have some fun!



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