10 Feb

Wonder if becoming a ” Sis” have the same meanings…

ShoutOut! JMU

Bro status: a position bestowed only upon the worthy.  A moniker given to the female that has successfully infiltrated the male camp.  But, what does it mean to become a bro?  I know when my roommates gave me the title that it’s supposed to be a compliment, but it’s hard to get past the slight insult.  It feels like my gender is being erased, I just want to say, “Thanks, I think, but you know I’m still a girl, right?”

So, what exactly gets you to the “Bro” level?  Did I get it because I talk about sex? Am I less than a woman if I talk about it openly and honestly?  Is it because I curse like a sailor?  Is it because I am assertive?  Or rarely wear makeup?  Is it just that my “masculine” tendencies overshadow my “feminine” ones?  Is this what makes me a “Bro”?

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