5 Feb

ShoutOut! JMU

I once read that “no man is as anti-feminist as a really feminine woman.”  Aside from my love for scotch, Alec Bradley cigars, and all things Quentin Tarantino, I would consider myself to be a rather feminine gal.  As such, this line struck a nerve with me, and at once had me contemplating that maybe I wasn’t cut out for this whole “feminism” thing.  I mean, I defend equality for women with near-religious fervor, but few things in life make me giddier than a new pair of Steve Madden pumps, a new lip redlipsshade, or a successful shopping trip to Anthropologie.  Cue the cognitive dissonance as the unwavering idea popped into my head:  Can I wear lipstick, and still be a good feminist?

On paper, there was never any question that I would associate myself with feminism.  After all, I have always advocated for breaking down artificial, institutional barriers to…

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